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AI - Product Recommendation Engine

Boost your e-commerce sales with contextual product recommendations

E-Commerce Success

Elevate your online store's performance with innovative features tailored to optimize customer engagement and boost sales. Dive into a world where technology meets commerce seamlessly, setting you on the path to unique growth.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Enhance your customer experience by offering tailored AI-product suggestions, driven by the contextual environment and user behaviors.

Dynamic A/B Testing Capabilities

Fine-tune your store's visual appeal in real-time based on user interactions, ensuring optimal design and higher conversions.

No-Code Requirement

No-code interface, allows your e-commerce business to set up and customize your recommendations without any technical expertise.

GDPR & USA-DPA Complianced 

High standards in data security and ensure compliance with privacy regulations. We anonymize all customer data and take their explicit consents.

Unleash the Power of Behavioral and Contextual

In e-commerce field, standing out requires more than just having a product to sell; it demands a synergy of intelligent algorithms, smart design, and strategic insights. We understand the growing preference for individualized shopping journeys. To meet this demand, we've combined the intricate details of user interactions with real-time environmental insights. Starting with insights into a user's browsing patterns, purchase history, and interests, we simultaneously incorporate external elements like prevailing weather conditions, ongoing events, and more.


Our advanced AI then fuses these diverse data points, ensuring product recommendations are both personally relevant and contextually appropriate. Whether it's suggesting the perfect item for a shopper keen on outdoor activities during a change in weather or aligning product displays with trending events, we enrich every interaction on your e-commerce platform with intelligence and intuition.

Grow Your Sales with Arfanify


Increased Average Order Value


Increased Total Sale Value


Better CTA rates


Reduced Marketing Costs


Reduced Shopping Time



No Need to Wait,
Start Today!

Don't let your e-commerce platform blend into the crowd. With Arfanify's cutting-edge AI-driven personalization, you can offer your customers a shopping journey tailored precisely to their tastes and needs. Stand out, increase customer loyalty, and see a noticeable uplift in conversions. Dive into the future of e-commerce with Arfanify today!

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